Whidbey Cruzer News Letter

Nov 6th, 2018,   Whidbey Cruzer News Letter

Meeting called to order by Pres Fred.  All officers present.  46 members attending.

Guests attending were Jeff & Brenda Faris from Yakima and Roger Foardman.

Jackie Cannizzaro was nominated for Vice President by Duane Dillard.  There being no other nominations, she was unanimously elected to fill the office of Vice President.

Treasurer Gary presented the Financial Report for October:  Intake was $237 and our exhaust was $6.52 leaving us with a bank balance of $6,252.63.

Membership Duane reported no changes to membership, currently have 103 members.

Sunshine Lana sent a get well card to Alma who has pneumonia but is home now.

Christmas Party Details: To be held on Dec 15th at the VFW starting at 6pm.

No-host Bar.  The cost is $20 for Cruzer Members and $30 for non-member guests.

Live music entertainment by Tom Mullin. 

Monday, December 10th, is the last day to pay as the club has to commit to the VFW how many we have coming.  Please contact Vice President John Hawkes, jbhawkes@yahoo.com , 675-6841 or Treasurer Gary Nienhuis, gandg2385@gmail.com, 929-1080. If you are planning to attend.

Installation of new officers by President Fred at the Christmas Party.

Classic Car News:  Mel lost his Willy!  But he found a 2017 Holden Commodore.  Fred got waylaid on the way to the meeting when his Mopar’s ignition went south.

Upcoming Events:

Nov 24th, Saturday 4:30pm, Fred & Mary’s place Open House for Holiday Cheer.

Nov 16th, Pizza Factory birthday party.

Dec 3rd, Monday, 6:00pm, Open Board Meeting at Pres Fred’s Man Cave.

Dec15th, Christmas Party at VFW. 

Dave McCann won the 50/50 raffle.  

Next meeting, January 2019, at Oak Harbor VFW.   

Ron Teker, Secy, rteker@comcast.net