Whidbey Cruzer News Letter

Oct 1st, 2019, Whidbey Cruzer News Letter

Meeting called to order by Pres John.  All officers present.  47 members in attendance.

Sept minutes approved.  VP Jackie rounded up the car fines - $12.

Treasurer Kathy provided the October bank beginning balance of $6,319.23.  Intake was $127.00. (Dues, etc) Exhaust was $168.49 (Roster Addendum Fee) with an ending balance of $6,277.74.

Membership Duane reported that we have 102 members.  Our newest member is Linda Davis who has a 1957 Chevy Bel Air & a 1940 Chevy Delivery Sedan.

Last month he passed the 2019-2020 addendum out & mailed copies to members that live out of town or can’t make it to the meetings.  Please note that each mailing costs the club 70 cents.  He read the list of those that have not received their copy yet.  If you can pick their copy up for them it would save us some money.  Please see Duane after the meeting.

As Always, email any changes to Duane or write them in his master roster book.  If you have a different vehicle please jpeg a photo.

VP Jackie announced that the Annual Christmas Party will be held on Friday the 13th of December at the VFW Hall in Oak Harbor.   VP Jackie is looking for a team to help her with decorating the VFW and Beverly Hughes has graciously volunteered to assist VP Jackie with setting up Christmas Party Decorations and would like volunteers to help her.  You can contact Beverly at rlhughes@comcast.net or 360-675-9222.  VP Jackie can be reached at 408-234-1252.  Past Pres Fred will provide a decorated tree which will be donated to a needed family.

VP Jackie announced that on Tuesday, Oct 8th, 10:30 a.m. garage tour hosted by Rick Rennebohm. 1050 SE Jensen, Oak Harbor (at SE Pioneer.) It is behind and upstairs of Christ the King Church.  Following the tour of his collection we will go to Noe Jose for lunch at 830 SE Pioneer Way (#106 in the mall).  No RSVP required just show up. If the weather is not good then bring your daily ride, no problem, no fines. Just come enjoy his large and varied collection.

The Steve Ellis garage tour was a big event with 18 Cruzer Cars showing up.

Pres John asked the members if any of them knew of a photographer that could be utilized at the Christmas Party.

Past Pres Fred & Mary are hosting the annual Oct 31st Halloween Party at ACE Hardware at 4:30pm.  If you need electricity please contact him early at 360-675-7499.

Jim Haddon has access to a car storage place for rent if anyone needs it.  Jim 360-929-9008.

Cruise Sat, Oct 5, 10:00 AM, Cruise Family Farm Festival to see Golden Glen Creamery during the 21st annual Family Farm Festival.  Norma is owner of this craft creamery and Island Pizza. She's participating in Skagit farm tour weekend and invites Cruzers to visit her farm. Depart:  10:00 AM Sat Oct 5 at Home Depot O.H. Garden Center end. Golden Glenn Creamery, 15014 Field Road, Bow.

Sunshine Lana provided the latest up dates on Ed Hammond’s treatments and Barry Rix’s back operation.  Both members are doing fine.  Member Don Souza has gone fishing and will provide an update on him when he docks his boat.

Harry Abbott provide the following tale about his “The Joy of (no, not that) Long Haul Cruzin', Sacramento trip 1950 miles, Problem number one was the idiot that I hired to drive Ms Daisy down to Sacramento.  Silly as a two-bob watch and dumb as a sack of hammers.  #2 is the gps lady and while I have nothing against mechanical ladies or inflatable ones for that matter, both of us will kill her if we get the chance.  She sent us down 40 miles of bad road that my idiot driver followed.  Somewhere along the 4 miles in and 4 miles out the back brake line stuffed up.  We finally got back to the correct park and wiped out a fresh bottle of wine, named appropriately Happy Camper.  So in beautiful downtown Crescent City we waited out the day and night in the Les Schwab parking lot.  A lovely serenade from hwy 101 only 10 feet behind us intertwined with the bass from the unloading and parking of wrecked cars next door was enhanced by the professional vibrato of the town drunk.  If the car and trailer arrive home without me DO NOT call the constabulary.  Any court would declare it a justifiable homicide.” 

Harry’s Canada trip 1300 miles or 2100 klicks is described as follows:

“Being by myself for the trip (for the reason behind this see problem #1) it turned out to be amazing.  A wee bit of drizzle as I outran a front but beautiful country and great highways except for the last 100 km.  A little road repair, a little fresh oil and tar.  No worry's.  750 of my closest petrol head friends showed up for the show in Radium Hot Springs which is almost on the BC/Alberta border.  Having my trailer behind me, I stayed in a fantastic RV park.  During the Friday's cruise I met some local gear heads who invited me for a barbie and drinks.  Lovely people and the best reason to get off the island and do a little long haul cruzin'.”

Alan Kastler won the 50/50 draw. Meeting was adjourned at 8:00pm.

Next meeting will be November 5th, at the VFW in Oak Harbor.

Ron Teker, Secretary Whidbey Cruzers, 360-675-8375