Whidbey Cruzer News Letter

July 2nd, 2019, Whidbey Cruzer News Letter

Meeting called to order by Pres John.  All officers present.  Guest was Ken Novak. 

June minutes approved.   Gary Nienhuis has a new 2019 2SS Camaro.  

Sunshine Lana introduced former Pres Ed Hammond, who was greeted by the club after a long absence for illness, and also Ronald MacDonald after a long absence due to illness.   Great to see them both here cheerful, and getting around visiting old friends.   

VP Jackie provided the members with information about collector plates that she was not aware of and that she wanted to put them on her pickemup truck but was informed that she could not use it for hauling unless she wanted to get a ticket.

Larry Duckert provided information for a Sunday cruise on August 17th visit to the Heritage Flight Museum at Skagit Regional Airport.   Cruise would leave at 10:30 a.m. from Home Depot to arrive for a 11:30am lunch at Flyers Brewery.  A separate notice will be mass emailed to all members with more information on this.

Membership Duane provided the membership report and the new year starts on July 1st. You may renew your dues on the PO Box 1875, dues will continue to be $30.  As the current roster book runs for another year, he will put out an addendum for additions and/or changes in September.  He asked that any changes should be made by email, USPS mail, or write them in his master roster book.  He noted that we started this meeting 25 members shy of last year and that he would be contacting the non-renewals.

Treasurer Kathy provided the July beginning balance of $4,985.08, exhaust of $1,143.12, intake of $3,841.96., due of $2,206.00 for an ending balance of $6,047.96.

Sec Ron advised the club that he was working on the updating the current website and that the pictures for the Round -A-Voo would be uploaded ASAP.

Harry thanked VP Jackie for her efforts in providing a great Round-A-Voo this year and having 65 people attend with 31 cars.  

Information on upcoming car shows and cruises will be mass emailed to all members via our Social Chairperson Deanna.

Pres John noted in closing that this last Round-A-Voo was such a great success that next year’s will be in the same location.  We will also look to have another car meeting/cruise before then back to the Cabana if we can get it rented.

Gary Nienhuis won the 50/50 draw.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:15pm.  Next meeting will be Aug 6th at the VFW.

Ron Teker Secretary